The Key Lock & Safe Co.

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Why are we here?

Why did you start your business? That is the question that I'm asked so many times. I smile. I'm excited about responding because it gives me an opportunity to tell them our story, the beginning of TKLS.

People define happiness in many ways. I view happiness as an essential element to success. I worked for a top CPA firm, in Puerto Rico as an IT Partner. We were a progressive company and we were doing very well. As a result of the company's success, we restructured, and the very thing that attracted me to this small company was lost in the process. I realized then that I felt no sense of purpose, and a change had to come.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit, loving what I did and having supportive peers, I ventured off to start my own company. Can I do this? Am I disciplined enough to do this? Do I have passion to do this? Do I want to have all the additional responsibilities? What kind of company did I envision? Are a few of the questions that I had to answer and be truthful.

I vision a company that would focus on the employees who in turn will focus on our clients. It seems like a simple concept, but so many times I have seen companies fail at that. I believe that if I invest my time, effort, and energy into ensuring our employees are happy than in return they will meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

What I understand is that it all begins with me, and that my attitude and actions are a direct reflection of my character and also of this company. Professionalism, integrity, and commitment are a few characteristics that I want to exemplify to our employees and that I expect them to exhibit to our clients regardless of our size.

I aim beyond what I am capable of, but I believe and know that all things are possible with the right leadership. I am loyal, true, and committed to this journey, and I'm focused on what matters to me the most, the right people. I am charged with the task of finding the right women and men that will transition The Key, Lock and Safe Co to the next level. I strongly encourage our employees to take ownership of this company, and to travel on this journey of success with me. And that's our story.

Maité Sánchez, President